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Hi I’m Karen.  I grew up with a mom who loved to cook.  Although she helped her grandmother in the kitchen she didn’t take an avid interest until she was married.  She not only loved cooking she loved collecting cookbooks and recipes from friends.  She encouraged all of her children to be in the kitchen, watching, helping, taking over. I have done the same with mine but their interest in it varies (as I’m sure mine did when I was in my teens) although they are always available to taste test!

While I have several boxes of recipes, I wonder if my children will want the recipe box artifact or prefer a digital one.  And so my recipe box blog has been created.

The recipes you’ll find here are favorites that have stood the test of time as well as newly discovered ones.  I aim to give credit where credit is due but I’m not sure of the original source of many of the recipes that have been handed down.  If you know of the source please leave me a comment.

Since I am a mom, I’ll also be giving my 2 cents on products and books I come across.

I’m new to this whole process so be patient as I learn to take better food photos and figure out this whole blogging world.

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