Bingo Thanksgiving Games

Bingo Thanksgiving games are part of our holiday weekend tradition but it’s a more recent one.  For many years we piled the kids in the cars (or on a plane) and headed to various relatives for the holidays.  But as the they got older they wanted to stay home.  At the same time my sister, whose children are older, found that hers planned on spending time with their in-laws (not that she minded since it meant Christmas became “her” holiday). So she and her husband now come to out house.  

I place Autumn Crackers (that you pull) on the dinner table and  buy some $1 scratch off lottery tickets.  We do a variation of a Yankee Swap at some point during the weekend.  But one of the more fun things is the Bingo Thanksgiving games that we play!  I created these after seeing a version NPR had that you could generate but it was a one year off version with square entries specific to the players in the games that weekend,  I wanted something a bit more generic.

Two Versions

Snip of the Movie Bingo SheetI have two Bingo Thanksgiving games – one football related and one Christmas movie related (for those who love the Hallmark channel this time of year).  The nice thing about the football one is that everyone can play and the football fans love instructing those of use who occasionally or never watch football in what’s happening to fill in the sheet.  But there comes a time when my sister, my daughter, and I sit down to watch those feel-good holiday movies!

We generally vote on what will constitute a WIN – fill in  row, column, diagonal, or the whole sheet (or whoever has the most).  Prizes are candy bars or a scratch off ticket! And each game or movie starts a new sheet.

A word about the grids.  I chose 96 different happenings and created 40 different sheets.  The Thanksgiving Bingo game has some Thanksgiving related spaces vs. the Football Bingo which is more generic.  I’ve included two Christmas movie versions – one with a leaf border and one with a holly border.

Bingo PDF files you can download

The following files are for personal use only and may not be sold.

Thanksgiving Day Football Bingo

Thanksgiving Day Xmas Movie Bingo

Football Bingo

Xmas Movie Bingo Holly

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