Dorm room at Marianist Hall – University of Dayton

Finding information about the dorm room you (or your child) will live in can be difficult.

I am getting ready to send my youngest off to the University of Dayton.  As an over-thinker, over-planner, I tried to find out information about the space he would call home for the next year.  He’ll be in Marianist Hall, one of the newer dorms built to house sophomores. But because of the size of the freshman class, it is an “overflow” for freshmen this year.  He lucked out – big time.

Luckily, the University of Dayton site has a couple of pictures of a room and a nice schematic of the grouping of 4 rooms.  Unluckily, the floor layouts are essentially unreadable so it was impossible to tell if his room has a long hall way or not. (Turns out it doesn’t.)  Since we live somewhat close to UD, we were able to do “early drop off”.   If you are offered the opportunity to do this it is a wonderful way to beat the crowds on move-in day.  So I took photos and did some measurements.  

These are the measurements for room E124. 

Although we knew it’s newer building, the one thing I was not prepared for was the height of the ceilings. They are really tall.  According to our move-in helper, the rooms on the first floor have higher ceilings than the other two floors. But I would imagine that the rooms on the floors above are at least 10 feet tall.  The walls are painted an off white/light beige color. The floors are carpeted (grayish-blue) – very industrial. So if you like something soft under your feet you may want to consider some sort of rug.

Obviously, I’m not great with the panoramic feature. But here’s shot that will show you a portion of the room (3 full walls and a little less than 1/3 of the fourth).  Although it doesn’t look like it, the door shown on your left is on the same wall as the bed next to it.

Room 1 - dorm Marianist Hall

A panoramic view of most of the room

If I had spun around a little faster, maybe we would have gotten it all in!

The dorm room furniture (All are moveable except for the closet rod, the set of drawers in the closet and the shelves above the closet).  If a measurement is given it is lengthxheightxwidth and is in inches.

  • xl twin beds (2).  You can adjust the height to some extent. In the photo the boys were unhooking the bed frame to move the spring support to the uppermost level. (You’ll see it later).
  • desks (2) – The desks have a drawer that pulls out (32.25 x 30.25 x 24.25)
  • desk chairs (2)
  • smaller stands (2) – when we walked in these were next to the desks.  They have a pull out drawer, a larger storage area (door opens sideways) and a pull out writing area.  The storage area drawer can be locked with a combination or keyed lock that you have to provide. (17 x 30.25 x 24.25)
  • closets (2) – (48.75 x 78 x 43.5).  There is a dresser with 4 drawers (attached to the wall) that is about 24″ wide and 42.5″ tall (there is a 2-3″ dead space at the bottom).  A closet rod runs the width.  Above the closet rod is a set of 6 shelves. But I’m not sure that they are all the same height. It appears that the top shelf is a bit shorter than the bottom one.  (Maybe it’s an optical illusion.) The interior of one of the bottom units measured 12′ (h) x 21.5″ (w). I believe my husband measure floor to top of the top shelf at 113″.
  • microwave/fridge/freezer combo (1) – Unfortunately, the freezer didn’t seem all that cold. Perhaps everything just got turned on. 
  • very small trash can (1)
  • very small recycling bin (1)
  • window – does come with blinds but lets in a lot of light (71 x 87 – width x height)
  • niche where the microwave is – (48.25 x 19.25 – width x depth)

I am impressed with the number of plugs that we found in the room and I’m sure we didn’t find them all.  Although we didn’t find the cable tv outlet (and forgot to search for it), there are at least 2 sets of 4 outlets next to the ethernet outlets and a couple of double outlets.  

Some more dorm room photos

stand 1 - dorm Marianist Hall

Smaller stand w/bottom drawer open

stand 2 - dorm Marianist Hall

Smaller stand w/writing desk out








fridge 1 - dorm Marianist Hall


fridge 2 - dorm Marianist Hall

With fridge/freezer sections open








room 2 - dorm Marianist Hall

And, the view of the closet area (the trash can in the bottom left is the one included in the room)


Dorm room - Marianist Hall Dayton

Closet wall view – left and center









We were allocated an hour to do some basic settling in.  Most of this consisted of putting together a shelving unit, raising the bed. And finally stashing stuff so when his roommate arrives it’s not a complete disaster area.  Of course, we didn’t want to get him too settled in. Just in case they decide to rearrange the furniture! Also, if you are wondering, the boxes under his bed are from Sterlite – 64 quart and 32 quart size. 

room3 - dorm Marianist Hall

Showing the bed at its highest

dorm room - Marianist Hall Dayton

Showing the full window








Also note that nothing can be placed on the outside of the doors.  So if you want a small white board it has to be attached to the wall next to the door.  My son’s roommate had brought a gizmo that went over the door that could hold a white board on one side but was told to take it down.


Here’s a schematic of the first floor East Hall floor plan taken from the fire safety schematic!



As I mentioned the window does let in a lot of light.  I made curtains for the boys. I bought an entire bolt of cotton navy fabric (used a coupon, of course).  I divided the bolt into 4 equal pieces.  Sew 2 of pieces together and hem them at the top and bottom and then repeat with the other two.  I purchased 2 packets of 14 1.5″ metal clip drapery rings and clipped a packet on each curtain.  I also purchased 2 universal 48″ drapery wands (they came as a set) and a 1″ spring tension drapery rod (42-72″).


Other Dorm Info

What does the rest of the floor look like?  As you walk down the hallway there is a set of the 4 dorm rooms (with a bathroom in the middle) on each side.  Then there is an open space with lots of comfy looking chairs and couches.  The RA’s room is one one side.  Next to his room is a study room which looked like you could have a small group session.  Continuing down the hall is the next set of  4 dorm rooms on each side.  

The laundry room is on the first floor. Besides the expected washers and dryers, there were  folding tables and “extensions” for holding hangers.

Stayed tuned. As I get the boys to send me the photos they took, I’ll update with more photos and measurements when we get back there.

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3 Responses to Dorm room at Marianist Hall – University of Dayton

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Karen,
    My son is off to Dayton in a few weeks and just got his housing assignment today, and naturally I am off and trying to get information about the dorm. Thanks for posting these pictures and for your comments about the room and amenities! Is there anything else you can share about your son’s stay at Marianist Hall, good or not so good? Did your system of storage under the bed work well? What are the grey cubes at the end of the bed? Looking forward to being a part of the Flyer family!


    • Karen says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Welcome to Dayton! We got a 4×4 set of cubical shelves from IKEA and those grey things are a set of cloth cubes to store stuff in. After he got a bit more organized we went and purchased a second set of the 4×4 cubical shelves and some sturdier cubes to put things in. The window does let in a lot of light. I ended up making curtains for the room (I’m modifying the post to add the details of what I bought). The one desk drawer that opens sideways can be locked with a combination or keyed lock. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Karen

  2. Sue says:

    My son is also heading to UD and living in marianist. Your post has been very helpful!

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